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In Chandigarh (India), there are couple of art supply vendors, who are supplying fine art supplies; and catering to artist community in and around Chadigarh, Pachkula and Mohali, which are given below -

Tuck Shop
M/s Chandigarh Business Systems (CBS)

Address: Bay Shop No. 12, Sector 27-D, at the inner crossing of Sector 19 & Sector 27 junction, Chandigarh 1600 19, India

Phone: 0172 653-2922, 987-816-6633

Note: Wide range of branded art supplies at competitive rates. Excellent return policy. Team is courteous, responsive and willing to help.

M/s Mittal Traders

Address: Bay Shop No 13-14, Sector 27-D, at the inner crossing of Sector 19 and Sector 27, Chandigarh, 1600 19, India

Phone: 896-818-8088

Note: Spacious and welcoming layout, with excellent display. Do check prices before you purchase the art supplies.

M/s Srishti Art Material

Address: Shop No 3, Sector 41-D, Gandhi Complex, Badheri, Chandigarh, 1600 41, India

Phone: 921-657-3565, 964-616-6004, 869-998-9900

Note: Art supplies on demand, at an attractive discounted rates.

M/s Sheela Textile

Address: INIFD Campus, SCO 32-35, Top Floor, Sector 8-C, Near Gopal Sweets, Chandigarh 1600 08, India

Phone: 987-822-7010

Phone: 985-534-1428

Note: Select range of art supplies are available. Home delivery option for selected sectors.

M/s Jogindra Book Depot

Address: SCF 7, 2-Bay, Sector 27-D, at the inner crossing of Sector 19 and Sector 27, Chandigarh 1600 19, India

Phone: 0172 462-3895

Note: No product display of products and is always crowded. It seems they are bulk suppliers.

M/s Munshi Ram Manak Chand Jain

Address: Shop 1, Sector 22-D, in front of Juice shops, Chandigarh 1600 22, India

Phone: 0172 270-5225, 987-235-5531

Note: Please do check the quality of art supplies before you purchase.

M/s The English Book Shop

Address: Shop 31, Sector 17-E, on the left side of Neelam Theatre, Chandigarh 1600 17, India

Phone: 9814-110-136, 0172 270-2542

Note: Do check return policy, price and quality before you purchase art supplies.

Tuck Shop

Address: Fine Arts College, Sector 10, Chandigarh 1600 10, India

Phone : Not Available

Note: Only few items are available. Please do check price before you purchase art supplies.

M/s Glass Traders

Address: SCF 26, 18-C, Chandigargh

Phone: 0172 461-8351, 0172 277-4697

Note: For framing the artwork.

M/s Photovision

Address: SCO 174, 1st Floor, Sector 37-C, Chandigadh 160036

Phone: 0172 269-3234

Note: For hot / cold lamination and framing the pencil and charcoal artwork.

Some of the art supplies may not be available with the local vendors and needs to be procured from on-line web portals -

Let's create a portrait in 4 to 6 hours

it's interesting to note that over 99% of participants are able to create reasonably good artwork

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