Ready-made, original and affordable artwork or print

For your office, home and gift for friends




What do you need from my side to ship the selected artwork?

Please do let me know following -

  • Title of the selected art work
  • Shipping address
  • Target delivery date
What is the next step, and how do I make the payment?
Based upon your email and availability of artwork, I will share my swift / wire bank details, so that the payment can be transferred in the designated account. I will courier the artwork, once I receive 100% payment in my account. I do accept personal checks too. Alternatively you may transfer the payment using Paypal.
Do you have return policy?
No, for ready made artwork we do not have. Artwork once sold is not returnable.
After payment, who owns the copyright of the artwork?
I owns the copyright of my artwork, which will be used for promotional purpose either on my website or brochures.
Does the cost also include the shipping charges and framing?
Shipping charges will be extra as per actuals. Taxes are inclusive in the price.
Can I have the selected painting in different dimensions or in different medium?
Please do forward us your requirements, and I will let you know if the request is possible.

Ready-made, original and affordable artwork or prints

for your office, home and friends