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The visual art courses are specifically designed for hobbyist, students preparing for Design Courses / NID / NIFT/ , visual art teachers, artists, tattoo artists, fabric painters, architects, interior designers, fashion designers, multimedia experts and web designers, who wants to pursue their career in visual art.


Unlike conventional fine art training institutes, courses are tailor-made for an individual participant and delivered on a ONE-TO-ONE BASIS (one teacher for every student and topic), using unique and proven methodology, which accelerates the learning process, reduces the learning curve and improves the retention, with over 99% SUCCESS RATE! Each topic in the module is designed using SMARTER (S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Attainable, R – Relevant, T – Time-bound, E – Evaluate and R – Re-adjust) methodology. Main focus is to enhance CREATIVE ABILITY (i.e. from ideation to 3D visualization from memory), which are different from artistic’s skill. Creative abilities gives ultimate freedom to the artist, as they can draw from the memory without any reference picture.

To maximize the learning, course are delivered, with right combination of structured / semi-structured / un-structured training, with required depth of knowledge for a particular topic. An interaction with an artist expands the participant’s “Open / Arena” (refer to Johari windows), which enhances the participant’s knowledge, skills and experience related with the art domain. These interactions are of following 3 types –

  1. TELL: An artist can disclose and demonstrate his techniques to the participant.
  2. SHARED DISCOVERY: Participant and artist can work together to explore participant’s hidden skills.
  3. ASK: Participant can take a feedback about his art work and thereby improve upon.

The professional level and job oriented digital & multimedia courses are conducted in batches i.e. teacher student ration 1:4. Multimedia Faculty has over 15 years of teaching experience, and also providing these services to various clients in India and abroad.


Apart from visual art education services, Shanky Studio also provides customized paintings, art work conservation / restoration, personalized hand-drawn portraits, caricature and digital art services such as websites development, digital marketing, logo design, web banners, infographics, illustrations for publishing industry, mall decoration design, mural, graffiti / wall painting design, animation course, 3D modelling i.e. building exterior and interior design course for the architectures and graphic design course.


For FAQs and student’s visual art portfolio visit Student’s Portfolio. For more information please do contact us.

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