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Rs 72 Lakh pay offer to NID student – Indian Express and Times of India


Do you know that you are lot more creative than you think? You need a company of an artist to unlock your creativity. Have a date with your inner being and explore dimensionless-dimension, which is beyond unit, time and space – a real and natural meditation! Come and join fun drawing & painting class and reward yourself with exciting gift of creativity! Let’s have fun with pencil and create a pencil portrait at Shanky Studio. Please visit Shop for course details and their price.


Unlike conventional fine arts institutes, services are specifically tailored for an individual requirements and delivered on one-to-one basis, using unique and proven methodology, which accelerates learning process, reduces the learning curve and improves the retention, with over 99% success rate! In addition, following are the advantages and the key differentiators from other run-of-the-mill fine arts institutes –

  • PERSONALIZED COURSE: Pick and choose your own modules/topics, and design course, fee structure & course duration as per your requirements.
  • STANDARD MODULES: Well defined and loosely coupled modules for each course, with pre-defined topics and subtopics to choose from.
  • ONE-TO-ONE TEACHING: One-on-one personal training ensures that the pace of learning matches with individual’s learning curve and objectives are effectively and efficiently met.
  • PROVEN METHODOLOGY: Unique and proven teaching methodology accelerates learning process, reduces the learning curve and improves the retention, with over 99% success rate!
  • FLEXIBLE TIMINGS: Choose mutually agreed time slots and schedule for your art class.
  • FOCUS ON CREATIVITY: Focus is also to enhance creative abilities (from ideation to 3D visualization), which are different from artistic skills.

For more details please check offer.


Have you ever thought about learning fine arts online? Skype ( is the most widely used option for online teaching and gaining immense popularity because of following reasons –

  • SAFETY: Best option for child’s safety
  • AT HOME: Learn while sitting at home
  • NO COMMUTING: No wastage of transit time
  • CONVENIENCE: 3A i.e. anytime, anywhere & any device
  • FOCUS: One-to-one and personalized learning
  • BETTER LEARNING: Self paced learning

Student Artwork

At times, the stories behind an artwork turn out to be even more interesting than the artwork itself. So click the artwork and see an amusing story behind each effort. It’s amazing that many artworks are the first attempt by the students, age ranging from 5 to 75 years!


  • The prices are fixed and I don’t offer any discount. No compromise on the quality of teaching.
  • No previous experience in art is required. The only prerequisite is that you should have keen interest in art with sufficient time to practice. In these classes, you are not competing with anyone. You are exploring your latent creative ability. It is expected that participant will independently complete all assignments and do regular practice at home, along with the structured classes.
  • Answer is Yes. Some people do have innate abilities, and thus can naturally perform better than others in a particular subject. They have intense interest in the subject, and progressively improve their skills with uninterrupted practice. But talent can be also be learnt and developed by those considered untalented. They can also achieve similar results with regular practice. The fact is that people are often more creative than they think. It’s said if you can write, you can draw as well. Everyone can learn to draw and paint, and they do it extremely well. Spending time with an artist can help you to unlock your artistic abilities and the required skills to accomplish an artwork. You can learn to draw by drawing, which can be achieved by experimenting with art material.
I collaborate and try to create a conducive environment, where learning happens on its own. Also customized course, with right combination of structured / semi-structured / un-structured training at various levels will minimize the learning curve and maximizes the retention. An interaction with an artist can expand the participant’s “Open Area” Johari windows, which enhances the participant’s knowledge, skills and experience related with art domain. These interactions can be of following 3 types –

  • Tell: An artist can disclose and demonstrate his techniques to the participant.
  • Shared discovery: Participant and artist can work together to explore participant’s hidden skills.
  • Ask: Participant can take a feedback about his art work and thereby improve upon
  • Most of the students are able to draw reasonably good portrait with in about 10 to 12 hours of structured training session. About 99% of students are able to achieve the objective in about 3 to 4 sessions. Rest depends upon participant’s interest and practice.
  • In the very first or second session, over 99% of participants (age 7 onward) can create exceptionally good portrait, using the prescribed methodology.
  • To develop creative abilities and learn artistic skills by exposing the participants through various processes (ideation to visualization and manifestation), medium (pen, graphite pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastels, mix-media and digital), materials, methods / techniques, tools and technologies, using unique teaching methodology, which covers various subjects such as portrait, human anatomy, landscape, drawing from still life, abstract art, sculpturing, craft work, digital art etc. For more details please select and click Visual Fine Arts Modules. Final artwork created by you will be perfect wall decor for your home!
  • Graphite pencil
  • Charcoal pencil
  • Colored pencil
  • Soft pastels
  • Oil pastels
  • Crayons
  • Acrylic
  • Fabric color
  • Water color
  • Oil colors
  • Glass colors
  • Digital art
  • Mixed media
  • Answer is big YES. How about a salary package of Rs 72 Lacs / annum? For more information check out blog Career in Visual Fine Arts.
  • Paid art classes for selective students only. These are conducted on Saturday and Sunday, at Shanky Studio. During the week, participants can practice, share their artwork on email or What’s App and discuss the same in the evening slots. Any last minute changes in the venue, if any, will be posted on the Events section.
In the paid art class, to maximize the learning, it is ensured that –

  • In the initial stages, one to one interaction with each participant
  • Optimum student-to-faculty ratio is 5:1 i.e. a batch size not to exceed 5 students
  • Homogenious learning environment i.e. batches are split as per their existing skills, age and topics
  • Availability of basic art supplies and equipment for initial class
  • Availability of best infrastructure & facilities, including AC environment
  • About 400 square feet area, abundance of natural light, pure white interiors, air conditioned, music, environment filled with aroma of essential oil, neat and clean toilet and facility of filtered water
  • Subject is taught in English or Hindi or Punjabi languages. Practice worksheets and written communication, if any, will be in English only.
  • Yes, special one-to-one training on select topics available on request.
  • Based upon your request, I will share my swift / wire bank details with you, so that the payment can be transferred in the designated account. I do accept personal checks, cash and paypal too. Alternatively you may buy my courses at Shop Online. Class will start once I receive 100% payment in my account.
  • It is suggested to first join the demo class at Shop Online. Depending upon your comfort level, you may continue further with art classes.
  • Yes, I do take online art classes, using Skype. Along with Skype, I am also active on WhatsApp, Hangout, Facebook, email, phone and my website. For this you need a skype account (it’s free), computer, good speed Internet connection, high quality webcam (with auto/manual focus feature), WhatsApp and an email account. For timings and topics, please contact.
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