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Face & Neck

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  1. Skull – cranium and jaw
  2. Eyes – construction, socket, sclera, capillaries, iris, pupil, upper lid, lower lid, tear ducts, epicanthal fold, reflection, lashes, orbicularis oculi, brow, oval iris as it moves away from centre
  3. Nose – glabella (triangle), nasal bone, nasal spine, maxilla, lateral cartilage, alar fat (nostril), septum (wall between nostril), greater alar cartilage (front lob)
  4. Lips – philtrum ridges, cupid’s bow, upper/lower vermillion boarder, oral commissures (pintch), lower lip groove, lobes of lower lip, mentolabial furrow if lower lip, 5 lobs of lips
  5. Ear – helix, scapha, triangular fossa, superior crus, inferiror crus, anti helix, anti tragus, lobule, intertragic notch, tragus, concha cavum, concha cymba, helicis crus, y?
  6. Neck – omohyoid, clavicle bone / adam’s apple, hyoid bone, levator scapulae, sternohyoid, sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, external jugular vein, sternum
  7. Face muscles – temple (frontal belly, corugator supercilii, temporal fascia, superior auricular), nose (procerus, corruganastor suppercilii, nsalis, levator labii superioris), cheek (zygomaticus minor, zygomaticus major, buccinator, masseteric fascia, parotid fascia, risorius), mouth (orbicularis oris, depressor anguli oris, mentalis), neck (trapezius, posterior auricular, sternocleidomatoid, omohyoid, sternohyoid, stylohyoid)
  8. Angle – front (placement of eyes, nose, lips, ears, hair line in the framework of head), side (placement of eyes, nose, lips, ears, hair line in the framework of head), top, bottom, highlights, darkest tone, direction of gradation
  9. Expression – happy, sad and angry
  10. Hair – Form, texture, layering
  11. Reference photo study – digital enhancement, convert into black and white, posterization and draw grid
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