element of visual fine art

Elements of Visual Art

The elements of visual art are basic building block which are used to make a piece of artwork


Dot is the small spot that is usually circular in shape.


Line is the path traced by the movement of a single point. It can be dotted, wavy, straight, spiral,
fat or thin, zigzag, curvy, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, parallel, angles and perpendicular.


A shape is a closed line which has height and width. Circle, triangle, square and
organic shapes are example of 2D shapes.


Three-dimensional geometrical figure, which has height, width and depth is know as from, such as
sphere, Cube, Cone, Cylinder and Composite Shape.


Primary colours are Red, Yellow and Blue, Secondary is combination of primary colour such as Orange,
Violet and Green. Tertiary is combination of primary and secondary colour such as Yellow-Orange,
Red-Orange, Red-Violet, Blue-Violet, Blue-Green and Yellow-Green. Compound colours are mix of above 3
types of colour. Hue is all 12 colours. Saturation is purity and brightness of a colour.
Value is tint, shade and tone of a colour. Property of colour such as cold (Green and Blue etc.) and
warm colour (Red and Yellow etc.). Harmony such as complementary, monochromatic, analogous, triad,
split complementary and tetradic colour.


Value is the lightness or darkness of tones or colours. White is the lightest value; black is the
darkest. The value halfway between these extremes is known as Gray. Tint can be created with White.
Shade can be created with Black. Tone can be created with Black and White i.e. Grey.


Deals with utilization of space on the defined area of art work.


Texture is typical pattern, which reflect the surface of an art object.

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