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Mission of Shanky Studio is to raise awareness about visual fine arts, which helps the participants to channelize their energy in a constructive way and enhance aesthetic experience of the audience. From the last couple of years, Shanky Studio is organizing Creative Karma Visual Arts Exhibition, which has got an overwhelming response from participants and audience. Check out the glimpses of last exhibitions conducted by Shanky Studio. In case you want to participate in this event, below are the time-lines –

Till dd-Jan-2019

Interested participants can submit the relevant details in the form, which is given below. Creative Karma selection committee will shortlist participants and their artworks. Selected candidates will get a confirmation mail.

TILL dd-Jan-2019

Selected artists must submit a nonrefundable fee to Creative Karma team. Apart from the selected artists, 7 artists who shall not be able to afford the fee, will be accommodated from the amount collected from the selected artists.

TILL dd-Jan-2019

Creative Karma team will finalize digital invites for social media, print brochures for guest / participants, press release and information card / tags for artworks. It is expected that participants will circulate the digital invite in the Whats’ App groups and on their social media. To make the exhibition successful, each participant will ensure that at least 25+ visitors should visit the exhibition.

ON dd-Jan-2019 & dd-Jan-2019

Participants are responsible to submit their paintings one day prior to exhibition. Creative Karma team will install and uninstall the exhibits in the exhibition hall. Wall, location and arrangement of artwork will be decided by the Creative Karma team. It’s mandatory for participants to be present on the venue, most of the time.

On dd-Jan-2019

Decommission and handing over the exhibits to the participants. It’s participant’s responsibility to collect the paintings from the venue. Photographs, videos and press coverage will be posted on the Shanky Studio facebook page.

Creative Karma Team Member Name


Mobile Mail

Creative Karma Team Member Name


Mobile Mail

Exhibition Entry Form

Interested artists may fill up the form and provide mandatory information, which is required shortlisting and later for brochure printing. Artist’s high resolution picture (focusing on artist’s face), along with picture of the exhibit with height x width in inches, should be separately mailed at shanky.andy@gmail.com 


Your artwork is your property and you are responsible for the safety of your artwork. We will make every possible effort to take care of the safety of the exhibits during the display of the exhibits but we are not be responsible for any loss or damage during display, transit or storage, no claim to this effect will be entertained. The artists are at their liberty to take an insurance coverage at their own cost, if so desired.

Tentative fee is Rs 6000/- for 18 feet x 8 feet height; Rs 3000/- for 8 feet wide x 8 feet height; and Rs 2000/- for 4 feet wide x 8 feet height. Actual fee will depends upon number of participants and expenses involved.

Rent for the exhibition hall for 2 days = Rs 10,000/-

Design & print invites, press kit, brochures, certificate and posters = Rs 35,000/-

Misc expenses such as eatables, decoration, helper boys, thread etc. = Rs 10,000/-

Contingency = Rs 5000/-

30 participants, with Rs 2000 contribution per head, will break-even the expenses. Maximum 40 participants can participate in this exhibition.

On dd-mm-yyyy and dd-mm-yyyy, at Punjab Kala Bhavan, Sector 16, Chandigarh, from 11 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on both days.

For installation, your artwork should be properly framed and have hooks on the either sides (as depicted in the picture), so that it can be hanged using the thread. Ensure that these hooks are fixed on the top of the frame; and not in the middle. If the hooks are fixed in the middle of the painting, then the picture will tilt forward, which is not desirable. Because of space constraints, artwork will be placed in multiple rows and columns. While transporting paintings should properly wrapped in bubble paper.

Where to set hooks and how to hang painting

Yes, it is “no profit, no loss” initiative. On the concluding day, we will declare receipt and expenses. Balance, if any, will be refunded to the contributing participants.

We prefer, senior participants who had already been taken part in this Exhibition and are local to Chandigarh. Participants can nominate themselves to play Coordinator role. In order to manage this event, we need two coordinators.

Apart from this page, we also have Creative Karma Whats App group. On request, the link for the same can be shared with you.

Yes. Last year’s certificate –
Creative Karma Participation Certificate

Sample format for brochure with your picture, with contact number and description –
Creative Karma Participation Certificate

Yes, you can distribute your visiting cards.

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