How can I Select a Right Art Academy?


How can I Select a Right Art Academy?

Right Parameters for Right Art Academy

Read this article, if you are searching for a visual art or digital multimedia academy, which can prepare you for your career such as an NID / NIFT entrance test or professional courses to enhance your current skills. Keeping in mind, the time and money involved, choosing the right art academy is a vital decision. For every art academy, which you are considering, we recommend you to explore answers to the following questions –

Is the required information declared on the Website?

Shanky Studio Website Rating 4.5/5

Information related to scope, duration and price for various courses / services should be available on the website. During your research, you should find most of the answers on the website. In case you want exact details, speak with the faculty and the students of the academy. It is a great idea to check the academy’ reviews and rating on Google Business and testimonials.

What is the Google Business rating of the institute?

Shanky Studio Google Rating 4.9/5

It is a great idea to check the academy’ reviews and rating on Google Business and testimonial left by the clients. Negative and positive reviews can shed some light on the art academy, which you are trying to choose.

What experience does the faculty carry?

Shanky Studio Faculty Rating 4.5/5

The faculty plays the most critical role in deciding an academy. Ensure that the faculty has good artistic skills, a creative bent of mind and excellent teaching abilities. Cross check academy’s website and check the faculty and student’s portfolio. If possible, talk to the student’s in-person and take their feedback about the faculty and academy. Choose a faculty, who has at least 10 to 12 years of teaching experience.

What is the student/faculty ratio in the classroom?

Shanky Studio Student Teacher Ratio Rating 5/5

Art is a peculiar subject, where learning significantly varies from person to person. If you can afford it, choose a one-to-one teacher/student ratio for best results. Nothing beyond 1:5 teacher/students ratio is advisable, because the classroom environment can never be homogeneous. For one-to-one sessions, the typical rate for an experienced instructor will be 35 USD to 45 USD per hour. For more information click one-to-one teaching.

Is the course content well defined?

Shanky Studio Courses Rating 4.5/5

Course modules and topics covered, should be well defined, along with the tentative time-lines. Try to understand the breadth and the depth of the topics in a course, which suits your goals. Make sure that the pace of the course is neither too slow nor too fast. As a common practice, sometimes the course duration is stretched unnecessarily to justify the high fee structure.

How affordable is the course?

Shanky Studio Price Rating 4/5

Cost associated with the selected course should be neither too high nor too low, which usually depends upon student teacher ratio and facilities available at the academy. Explore installment options and see if the payment can be deferred. Since art supplies are very expensive, do ask if the cost of art supplies is included in the fee.

What is the learning / teaching methodology?

Shanky Studio Methodology Rating 4.5/5

In visual art, teaching methodology plays an important role in the learning process. A good methodology reduces the learning curve, increases the retention and success rate. Check if the option for online classes is also available. Explore if there is an option for a free art class, which can give you an idea as of how system works.

What infrastructure and facilities academy has?

Shanky Studio Facilities Rating 4/5

Ensure that the premises is at a safe and approachable location. The environment should be conducive and the classroom should be equipped with all the required facilities. Make it a point to visit the classroom and check the facilities, tools and technology beforehand.

Can I have an option for flexible timings?

Shanky Studio Timings Rating 4/5

To increase your productivity, you might want to check if there is an option for flexible timings.

Is the academy registered and accredited?

Shanky Studio Accreditation Rating 1/5

Check if the academy is accredited and/or registered with any local or foreign universities. Certificate and letter of appreciation, from the faculty and academy will be an added advantage.


Before you join any art academy or art institute, try to understand your learning objectives and other constraints such as available time-lines and your budget etc. Visit the institutes and meet the faculty who is going to take your classes, and then evaluate the art academy on above parameters. If you don’t have any constraints, go in for one-to-one teaching, which ensure fast results.



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