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These days’ visual artists with digital and multimedia skills are in a great demand. In this digital era, almost every second art job demands some sort of digital skills related with visual art. In order to survive in this cutthroat competition, it is critical to have digital artistic skills i.e. graphic design and multimedia skills. Essentially this means that one should learn these software programs, which are used in conjunction with visual art. Below is the list of most commonly used such software programs –

CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator

You can learn professional level Corel draw or Adobe Illustrator, which are extensively used to create and edit vector graphics i.e. mathematical drawings that can be enlarged or reduced in size, without any distortion. With Corel draw or Adobe Illustrator you can accomplish various jobs like poster design, flyer design, logo design, magazine design, book cover design, book composition, resume design, business letterhead design, visiting card design, brochure design, advertisement design, dangler design, infographic design, icons design, clip art image design, packing design, LottieFiles and user interface (UI/UX) design for mobile / web apps.

Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter or Corel Photo Paint

Try to learn professional level Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter or Corel Photo Paint, which is used to create and edit raster images i.e. pixel based images. With Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter or Corel Photo Paint, you can accomplish various jobs such as social media picture feeds, photo editing, banner design, website images design, website template design, digital illustrations, digital paintings and digital portraits. Apart from digital effects, these programs are capable to simulate the traditional mediums such as pen, graphite pencil, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic colour, oil colour, pastels colours and mix-media etc.

Adobe Premier

You can also learn professional level Adobe Premier to edit video.

Adobe After Effects

Learn professional level Adobe After Effects and create stunning Hollywood style visual video effects, which is popularly known as VFX. Also Adobe After Effects along with BodyMovin plugin is used to create LottieFiles.


You may also learn professional level ZBrush to sculpt 3D models with texturing.

Autodesk 3Ds Max or Maya

Learn professional level Autodesk 3Ds Max or Maya and create 3D models, character design, computer gaming model, animations, building / office / home walk-throughs for architectures, interior design for architectures and exterior design for architectures.


Apart from above software programs, you will require a high-end laptop or desktop with a dedicated graphic card and a pen/tablet such as Wacom’s Cintiq or XP_PEN tablets.


By attaining the necessary digital graphic design and multimedia skills, you can expand your business, and thus tap into international market segment. Select a right digital art academy and ensure that the course, which you are considering, is well aligned with your artistic skills and interest.

Concept artist Terryl Anne Whitlatch said, “It’s important to get better as an artist, and to have a platform to experiment, mess up, try again – and again – and grow. Sometimes, things just don’t turn out, but that is the process of getting out of one’s comfort zone, and getting better.”

So get going and create a breaking news. Ride the digital wave, which is inevitable and will also give you an edge over other artists!



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Artist Surinder Shanker Anand

I live in Chandigarh – the City Beautiful, situated in Northern India at Shivalik foothills. Since childhood, I was blessed with innate artistic abilities. My artistic expressions are engaged with the subjects related to humans portrait and body dynamics, nature and spirituality. I like to sketch using pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, oil, mixed media and digital tool such as Wacom Cintiq Pen/Tablet, CorelPainter, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premier, 3Ds Max and ZBrush etc. to create digital artwork. Passion in visual arts lead me to start Shanky Studio, offering a wide range visual arts services such as personalized portraits, customized paintings, graphic design and one-to-one visual arts classes for the students aspiring for various design courses such as NID and NIFT. I have conducted visual arts & craft workshops for Elante Mall and The North Country Mall / VR Punjab and various schools in and around Chandigarh. Some of the activities were directly conducted by me for Marvel Worldwide Inc., Mattel Inc. (Barbie), Rovio Entertainment Ltd. (Angry Birds), Hamleys Toy, Hasbro Inc. (My Little Pony) and Cartoon Network (Dexter’s Laboratory). Shanky Studio is also engaged in various CSR activities such as such as free visual art class, visual art exhibition at no-profit and no-loss basis and free sessions design career counseling. By profession, I am software professional, having over 35 years of experience in the IT, primarily in Analysis/Design, Software Development, Delivery, Project Management and rest of the phases of SDLC. I have worked at on-site with American Express (TX, USA), Nekema Inc (NJ, USA), Premier Inc (NC, USA), Syntel Inc (MI, USA), Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd (Mohali, India) and Semiconductor Complex Ltd (Mohali, India); and managed various on-site/off-shore Global IT projects. I am Masters in Economics from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India, with Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management.