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Have you ever thought about learning fine arts in an online class? Now a days, online teaching is the most widely used and convenient option for learning visual art. In this article lets try to understand benefits of online visual art class, and also explore various option of converting your Android and iPhone as HD webcam for an online visual art class.

Benefits of Online Visual Art Training

In this inevitable digital wave, online visual art classes are gaining immense popularity because of following benefits –

  • Student can learn from the World’s best of the teachers and experts
  • Student can learn while sitting at home
  • Student does not have to wast time on commuting
  • Online classes have a 3A advantage i.e. anytime, anywhere & any device convenience
  • One-to-one personalized training is the most effective and efficient method of imparting art related education
  • Student learn at their own pace i.e. self paced learning
  • Flexible and mutually decided class timings
  • Best option for child’s safety and security
  • Less expensive as compared to face-to-face class
  • With prior permission, session can be recorded and screen shots are captured for later reference

Equipment and software for online art class –

For an online art class, webcam should be kept parallel i.e. focus down on the table’s top where a student is working. In order to accomplish this, following equipment and software are required –

  • Entry level Window based laptop or desktop
  • Smart phone, with reasonably good camera
  • High speed 4G and onward Internet connection, which is prerequisite for video conferencing
  • Medium size rubber bands
  • Twelve inch ruler, which is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the smart phone
  • DroidCam Wireless Webcam App along with it’s Window based client
  • Four or Five bulky and heavy books
  • An elevated place next to the table

Setting up laptop and converting you phone into HD web camera –

With the following app, smart phone can be converted into a HD webcam and can be kept parallel to the table’s top, which enables the artist to see the student’s artwork. For this you will require smart phone app, phone app client for desktop / laptop and video conferencing software.

If budget is not a constraint, go in for Logitech C922x Pro Stream 1080p Webcam with “Desktop Webcam Stand Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Camera Desk Clamp Mount Holder”, which is professional setup for online class. Please refer to pictures below.



With above steps you are all set to take online art classes. Now both student and teacher can see each other’s each other’s table.

Before opting for an art class, do proper research and identify an artist, who has sufficient experience in online teaching. One-to-one online courses are typical in nature, therefore the courses are crafted and delivered in a different fashion, which are discussed in the blog Online Visual Art Class.

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