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MEDIUM Graphite pencil
Mode Online & Classroom
AUDIENCE Intermediate and advance
PREREQUISITE Fundamentals of Arts and Portrait
SUBJECT Fashion croquis and drapery

  1. BASICS OF COLOR: Color theory, color pencil, watercolor, markers, pen
  2. PROPORTION: Skeleton, female, male and kid
  3. TORSO: Neck, shoulder, chest, waist and pelvic
  4. LEGS & ARMS: Thigh, calf, ankle, feet, upper arms, forearms and hands
  5. DYNAMICS: Front, side, three quarter, back pose, gestures, balance, contrapposto and walk dynamics
  6. DRAPERY FOLDS: Pipe, zigzag, spiral, half lock, diaper, drop, moving, inert
  7. DYNAMICS OF FOLDS: Compressed, stretched, twisted, environment, gravity, point of tension (1, 2, linear), shape underneath, support, motion and cloth type
  8. CLOTH PATTERN: Texture, smooth, rough and opaque
  9. DRESS TYPES: Casual, office, bridal, ethnic, sports and kids
MATERIAL For classroom session, bring your own art supplies and laptop with required software for visual arts courses and digital courses respectively
CLASS ~20 Hours, spread across 8 sessions
HOME ~60 Hours practice
PAYMENT TERMS 100% advance payment, which is non-refundable