Professional course for fashion illustrations, which is delivered online or face-to-face, on one-to-one basis i.e. one teacher per student.

This course is specifically designed for NIFT students, who want to pursue their career in fashion and want to draw the illustrations like a pro.

This course starts from fundamentals and goes up to advance level. After completing this course you will be able to fashion figures from your imagination i.e. memory, as well as from a reference pictures, using various mediums.



OBJECTIVE Fashion croquis, drapery and illustrations.
  • BASICS OF COLOR: Color theory, color pencil, watercolor, markers, pen
  • FACE: Eyes, nose, lips, ear, hair, front pose, side pose, 3/4 pose, male and female
  • PROPORTION: Skeleton, female, male and kid
  • TORSO: Neck, shoulder, chest, waist and pelvic
  • LEGS & ARMS: Thigh, calf, ankle, feet, upper arms, forearms and hands
  • DYNAMICS: Front, side, three quarter, back pose, gestures, balance, contrapposto and walk dynamics
  • DRAPERY FOLDS: Pipe, zigzag, spiral, half lock, diaper, drop, moving, inert
  • DYNAMICS OF FOLDS: Compressed, stretched, twisted, environment, gravity, point of tension (1, 2, linear), shape underneath, support, motion and cloth type
  • CLOTH PATTERN: Texture, smooth, rough and opaque
  • DRESS TYPES: Casual, office, bridal, ethnic, sports and kids
DURATION Approximately 20 hours of classroom time.
PREREQUISITE Fundamentals of Visual Art.
CLASSROOM 15 sessions, where each session is for 2 hour. Depending upon your schedule, a participant may consume more sessions, in less number of days say 4 sessions in a week, or 4 sessions in a fortnight etc. Home assignments and self practice will tentatively consume double or triple the classroom time, which is mandatory for the success of the course.