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Most popular, comprehensive and cost effective online (on skype) or face-to-face visual fine arts classes, specifically meant for kids (age 7+) and adults, who wants to pursue their career in visual fine arts. This course is a long term course which starts for beginning and goes up to Advance level.

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MEDIUM Various Mediums
MODE Online & Classroom
AUDIENCE Beginners and Intermediate
PREREQUISITE No prerequisites
SUBJECT Various subjects
SCOPE In depth fundamentals of visual fine arts using various mediums, which includes portrait (from reference pic and memory) and paintings (still life, floral and landscape), including an introductory level of human anatomy and drapery.
MATERIAL For classroom session, bring your own art supplies and laptop with required software for visual arts courses and digital courses respectively
CLASS Per month 4 sessions, 1 to 1.3 hours per session
DURATION ~12 to ~18 months
HOME ~18 Hours practice per month, at home, to keep pace with the course
PAYMENT TERMS 100% advance payment, which is non-refundable


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