Professional portrait course, which is delivered online or face-to-face, on one-to-one basis i.e. one teacher per student.

This course is specifically designed for professionals, who want to pursue their career in visual art or want to draw like a pro.

This course starts from fundamentals and goes up to advance level. After completing this course you will be able to create portrait from your imagination i.e. memory, as well as from a reference pictures, using various black-and-white and color mediums.



OBJECTIVE To create professional level hyper-realistic portrait, using various techniques.
  • EYES: Socket, eyeball, upper & lower orbicularis (prolonged epicanthal fold), construction method (pentagon), tear duct, iris, pupil, upper lid, lower lid (palpebral), walls of upper & lower lids, lashes, brow (corrugator), reflection, plains, shading, iris becomes oval as it moves away from centre & pupil moves back and expressions (normal, sleepy, anger, fear, happy)
  • NOSE: Construction method, bones, muscles / ligaments and shading
  • LIPS: Construction method, 5 lobes of lip and shading
  • EAR: Construction method (y?) and shading
  • HAIR: Volume, shape, shading, layering, texture, type, style and shine
  • FACE PROFILE: Skull, cranial and jaw
  • NECK: Construction method, bones, muscles / ligaments and nerves
  • FRONT AND SIDE POSE DRAWING: Composition, placement of eyes, nose, lips, ears, jaw, hairline in the framework of face; corner to curve, verification, improvise and reduce intensity of drawing lines
  • GENDER: Male and female face anatomy
  • SKIN AND WRINKLES: Construction method and texture
  • GRAPHITE SHADING: Define source of light, form (mid tone, highlights, dark tone), cast shadow and, direction of gradation and hair texture
  • COLOR SOFT PASTEL SHADING: Analogues skin colors, define source of light, form (mid tone, highlights, dark tone), cast shadow and direction of gradation
  • REFERENCE PHOTO: Reference Photo, digital enhancement, convert into black and white, posterization and draw grid digitally
  • FREE HAND DRAWING: Avoid tunnel vision, composition, framework creation using grid, basic shapes, horizontal lines, vertical lines, parallel lines, angle, relative measurements, corner to curve, verification, improvise and reduce intensity drawing lines
  • SHADING FROM REFERENCE PHOTO: Define values, mid tone, highlights, dark tone and fine lines
  • FINISHING TOUCH: Review, feedback, improvise and preserve
DURATION Approximately 20 to 24 hours of classroom time, which further depends upon participant’s interest and time spent on home assignments.
PREREQUISITE No previous artistic skills are required.
CLASSROOM 10 sessions, where each session is for 2 hour. Depending upon your schedule, a participant may consume more sessions, in less number of days say 4 sessions in a week, or 4 sessions in a fortnight or 4 sessions in month. Home assignments and self practice will tentatively consume double or triple the classroom time, which is mandatory for the success of the course.