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Quality of a product and service is ensured by service design methodology and service delivery methodology. Unlike conventional fine arts institutes, services are specifically tailored for an individual requirements and delivered on one-to-one basis, using unique and proven methodology, which accelerates learning process, reduces the learning curve and improves the retention, with over 99% success rate! In addition, following are the advantages and the key differentiators from other run-of-the-mill fine arts institutes and art academies –


One Teacher Per Student
A one-to-one session between faculty and student ensures that the full concentration of either is devoted to each other without the distraction of other students with different levels of abilities. The faculty and the student are pressurized to achieve results because of a greater degree of responsibility and ownership. This entire close coupling ultimately leads a higher rate of success, minimum risks and a quick return on investment.

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Design Your Own Course & Save Time and Money
Courses are tailor-made using flexible and loosely coupled modules, so that course objectives are attained easily and quickly. As a result, the content can be derived 70% to 80% faster than in a group, with hands on correction and exemplary guidance, with over 99% of success rate. This system reduces the chances of risks that naturally occur within heterogeneous groups in art academies and art institutes, which are offering cheaper solution.

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99% Success Rate
It enables a personalized and flexible delivery methodology to suit the depth of topic and student’s existing abilities. To maximize the learning curve, courses are designed with right combination of structured, semi-structured and un-structured training, with the required depth of knowledge for each topic. It reduces the efforts required to achieving efficacy and a better learning curve, with greater understanding and content retention.



20 Years of Teaching Experience
The visual art training is directly imparted by the artist Surinder Shanker Anand, who has over 15 years of teaching experience and trained over ~550 students. Since childhood, he was blessed with innate artistic abilities. As a kid, at the age 3, he used to draw on the cement floor using colored medicine tablets and chalks. His artistic expressions are engaged with the subjects related to humans portrait and body dynamics, nature and spirituality.

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Professional Environment with Live Projects
As against the typical classroom of an art institute or an art academy, the class at Shanky Studio is conducted in a studio environment, wherein a student get a chance to see the professional environment, latest tools, technology and in progress projects. Since class timings are mutually decided by both student and faculty, the learning at self-pace is becomes most effective and efficient way of learning topics related with visual arts.

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Focus on drawing from Memory
In one-to-one teaching, for the faculty, it is easy to harness creative abilities of the participant, which is different from replication (i.e. copy using reference picture) skills ensuring that by being present to guide him, the faculty encourages originality and out of the box thinking. Such one-to-one interactions may also help students explore their hidden skills too. Creative abilities ensures an ultimate freedom from a reference picture.


Shanky studio's teaching methodology

Methodology become critical, when we are dealing with the subject related with visual art, especially where participant’s existing skills and abilities are not homogeneous. At Shanky Studio, unlike conventional fine art institutes, visual art courses are tailor-made for an individual participant, and delivered on a one-to-one basis i.e. one teacher per student, using unique, proven and hybrid methodology. Shanky Studio course designs and delivers is based upon 4C methodology, which has has following 4 steps –

  • Commence i.e. define topic’s objectives in the classroom
  • Concepts practice in the classroom
  • Create artwork in the classroom
  • Continue practice at home, which is mandatory and will tentatively consume double or triple the classroom time



Befits of the methodology

  • Scope, course, modules, topics, objectives and dependencies are well defined
  • Flexible and modular course, with required depth of knowledge
  • Accelerates the learning process
  • Substantially reduces the learning curve
  • Improves the retention
  • Reduces the dependency on reference picture
  • Participant can independently evaluate the created artwork
  • Quickly enhances the creative abilities along with artistic skills
  • Ensures over 99% success

Base of methodology

Course are designed and delivered using 4MAT methodology framework, overlapped with SMARTER and Johari Windows methodologies.

The 4MAT learning cycle methodology is a framework for creating a dynamic style of teaching and learning, which is in sync with the human brain. Based upon recent research in the field of neuroscience and cognitive studies, the 4MAT explains how people acquire new information via observation, and then how do they process the newly acquired information in their brain.

Each topic in a module is designed using SMARTER i.e. S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Attainable, R – Relevant, T – Time-bound, E – Evaluate and R – Re-adjust methodology. To maximize the learning, topics are delivered, with right combination of structured, semi-structured and un-structured training, with the required depth of knowledge for a particular topic.

An interaction with an artist expands the participant’s “Open Area” of per Johari windows, which enhances the participant’s knowledge, skills and experience related with the art domain. These interactions are of following 3 types –

  1. Tell: An artist can disclose and demonstrate his techniques to the participant.
  2. Shared discovery: Participant and artist can work together to explore participant’s hidden skills.
  3. Ask: Participant can take a feedback about his art work and thereby improve upon.

Hybrid 4mat teaching and learning methodology at shanky studio


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