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It’s a great honor to receive testimonials from audience. Testimonials gives direction and motivates an artists to contribute more towards the field of visual fine arts; and build a better tomorrow for the society. Thank you all for your wishes and support.

Kanika, India
The whole experience of being with and learning from Shanker Sir was brilliant. The whole concept of from ideation to visualization to manifestation becomes smoother. If you have other intellectual subjects to talk about along the way, you art sessions will be a whole lot of fun.
Matthew Luchins, USA
A welcoming, patient and engaging teacher. In 4 hours, I produced (with a bit of help!) a portrait that was better than anything I’d drawn before. Portrait drawing is a passion for Surinder and it shows in his commitment to his students and his work.
Sanya Pritanjali, India
Respected Sir, you are a human truly blessed with the purest form of artistry and such passion of drawing, sketching, painting etc. Sir, you are an inspiration for a thousand aspirants like me who would be really honoured and blessed even if we could get just 10% of your skills. You are an asset to the society and angel for budding artists by giving them opportunity and honing them in best possible ways. Thank you Sir.
Haritha Nara, USA
Shanker have vision to teach art and science to kids at same time. Every class he teaches new ideas and perceptions to kids is really amazing talent. Shanker teaches for both of my kids 8 year and 4 year through Skype i.e. online classes. Shanker give such a dedication to my kids and do suggestions If there is any improvements immediately. We are so blessed to have him.
Apoorva, India
Since childhood I have been staring at your masterpieces that adorn the walls of your house. And the more I observe these, the more I am in awe of your talent. A couple of days back I got an opportunity to attend the portrait making session with you. I was amazed by the simplicity in the methodology and the patience with which you dealt with each one of us. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to attending more sessions and learning a lot from you!
Anita, India
Highly talented person yet so down to earth! Like the patience you have with kids in your art class. Treat to see kids producing amazing artwork under your guidance….
Suchivrata Godiyal, India
Sir, it was a pleasure to be a part of your free art class. You are an amazingly inspirational artist. I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for an exemplary teacher and an absolute wonderful human being. Thank you sir for your relentless and selfless work that you do for the society. Wish you luck and happiness.
Kumud Goel, India
Respected Sir, it’s been a great pleasure joining you and to learn lots of artistic stuff form you. Above all the most appreciating thing to see when you are taking out time to provide free classes for sketching for all the sections of society and providing them support. Thanks a lot Sir!
rubinaRubina Gudimani, USA
Your artwork is really amazing, love each and every sketch of your, certainty it defines your dedication towards accomplishing a task flawlessly. Each and every piece of art speaks for itself, and it will not be an exaggeration if I say very soon we will see you among one of the renowned artist. Keep us posted about your new artwork and will look forward to it. Best of luck Shanky.
shama sharmaShama Sharma, India
I am pleasantly surprised to discover your artistic side as I had not expected this in a hard-core IT professional like you. To put in a few simple words, in you I see a Farhan Qureshi – the artist hidden behind a Rancho – the engineer!!! Good Luck!!! And hope to get some more visual treats of your fantastic work!
archana rathoreArchana Salaria, UK
What a pleasure to see your new website and the fine detail within your beautiful work. You have a wonderfully innovative perspective on the juxtaposition of thought and design. I thoroughly enjoyed your warm, appealing and energetic style! Good luck to you in your future ventures.
Hardish Bindra, India
Shanker, your sketches has been a subject of discussion with many of my friends. All the faces that you drew were so expressive & alive (even the skull sketch). Going out in the wild to do photography with you, was a great learning curve for me. I am so happy to hear that you have decided to give your talents another opportunity to blossom. Looking forward to see many more of your stimulating creations.
atima nayyarAtima Nayyar, India
Simply amazing. Uniquely Creative. That’s how you’ve always occurred to me 🙂 Looking forward to see more and more 🙂
HarjiHarvinder Singh, India
Dear Shanker, you are really an amazing personality. Excellent artistic work done dear.
Shashikant, India
I have known Shanker from SCL days, when we started our career way back in 1985. He used to be a well-disciplined guy with good sense of humor and a very dependable friend. His amazing qualities are his sense for details in almost everything from sketching, painting, computer programming and self-grooming! In essence, he is an asset to have as a friend. Wishing you all the best in your endeavour Shanky!
gautamGautam, India
Dear Sir, I really feeling blessed after coming in your shadow. You are a great person, having great thought and kind heart, there are few people in world of your kind. You have a superb artistic talent. May GOD gives you with lots of energy, time and good health, for your spiritual mission, in terms of free art classes!
Shefali, USA
Brilliant expression of simplicity! An absolute joy to view the gallery of Surinder Shanker Anand, an artist whose fine details flowing in every piece is a meditative and soulful reflection of himself.
singer jatinder sharmaJatinder Sharma, USA
Shanker has got such a great talent that each and every sketch of him looks beautiful. Looking forward to see more and more of his creations.
jasveen chawalaJasveen Chawla, India
Really good work… Your sketches have a lot of detail and the photographs have a nice perspective.
harpreet ranaHarpreet S. Rana, India
I am very glad to see a great soul in Surinder Shanker Anand, who is a master, not only as an Artist, but also as a photographer, businessman, socially and spiritually. I am thankful to him for being a friend of mine and make a way for the people like us to meet God. Thanks!
ravi bajajRavi Bajaj, USA
Great Art work! I have known Shanker for over 26+ years now and his attention to detail and patience have always intrigued me… very inspiring and spiritually motivating art work! Good Work and keep it up!
rajesh dasRajesh Das, USA
For sure, it’s been wonderful to watch your photography and art. Excellent work! To give expression to art itself is an art, which you have proven… Keep up the good work so that we can watch much more of your production. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
gurpratap singhGurpartap Singh, India
Shanker, I was really astonished to see your art collection. It’s really awesome and it further surprises me because what I knew about Shanker earlier is quite different from the Shanker I know today… Good job and all the best for your all upcoming projects.
deepak anandDeepak Anand, India
We heard that your drawing is good from our Grandma, but never had a chance to see the same... Honestly a GREAT WORK... carry on BIG BRO... Love to see many more from you!
lilly khannaLilly Khanna, New Zealand
Shanker, you are so talented… great artwork! Keep it up. Sketches are amazing!
aknksha anandAkanksha Anand, India
Superb work! You are very talented person! I wish you good luck and never stop drawing. Way to go! 🙂
manu gumberManu Gumber, India
I didn’t know this hidden talent but one thing that I can say that you give 100% to the work that you do.
ashok pahwaAshok Pahwa, India
Wonderful & perfect sketches. A great artwork!
Vanita, USA
Great job Shanker!! You are so talented. I feel privileged to have known you. You work is so commendable.
Bhavya Gupta, India
Incredibly impeccable!
david abowdDavid Abowd, USA
I met Surinder in 1999. We worked together in Charlotte, NC, USA for a few years. He is one of the most talented people I know. Even though he is miles and miles away now in his homeland of India I still remember working with him like it was yesterday. Facebook is good for keeping up with great friends half a world away.Great Sketches, wonderful photographs. I love your new website, if I ever need artwork I know where to go. Good Luck.
dharmendra guptaCol Dharmender Gupta, India
Shanker your art work really fabulous and fantastic. As I know you, I always thought you are happy go lucky. But after seeing the drawing, which you have drawn, shows your innate serious and stable nature. It's amazing. I remember you for drawing sketches during school days but remembered more for those cartoons during Punjab University student's body elections to create turbulence among political parties. These cartoons also created its niche as independent student reporting; and parties used to dread these toons. Hats off to you and your improvisation in creating masterpieces. Keep it up, our good wishes are with you. Your improvisation is worth praising. We hope next time sketches with lipstick, nail polish, rice curry, ice cream... 🙂
arun battaA.K. Batta, India
Wonderful work. Lot of patience and control. Great Job!
rakesh kashyapRakesh Kashyap, India
I never knew that you have such a big hidden treasure with you…
gaurav kapoorGaurav Kapoor, India
I know you are so talented in all fields…we also learnt so many things from you… when I knew that you are very good in drawing, I was surprised…. when I saw your sketches, I felt so good… carry on Sir…I know Sir that you are very good astrologer too 🙂
rajeev kapoorRajeev Kapoor, Australia
Shanker is a man of many talents. His artwork is extraordinary. Each art work is inspired by some theme. I really appreciate Shanker’s tremendous effort and creativity. I encourage the Artist to produce more and more brilliant stuff!
Hasmukh Parekh, India
Excellent collection which is result of your sincere dedication and efforts to keep alive the Art work which is forgotten in this digital world. Keep up the good work. All Best Wishes.
yogabrata roy chowdhuryYogabrata Roy Chowdhury, India
Dear Surinder Ji, I don’t find suitable language to appreciate your artistry. You are simply an AMAZING talent. Carry on my dear brother and make us proud.
Anadi MohanAnadi Mohan, India
Excellent collection which is result of your sincere dedication and efforts to keep alive the Art work which is forgotten in this digital world. Keep up the good work. All Best Wishes.
Sudeshna Saha, India
Respected Sir, I recently join your free art classes. It’s really nice. You are so talented and your sketches are beautiful. In my childhood, I used to visit Academy of fine Arts in Kolkata. Now again, I getting interest in art and it’s only for your quality of teaching. Thank you Sir!
Harman Sohi,India
I feel amazing to have come across a teacher like him. His teaching is very articulate and makes the task seem effortless. His skills are unparallel and his devotion, unabated. He will hone your skills and perfect your craft, I don’t think tricity could have had anyone better. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you so much Sir, for helping us all with your utmost kindness, generosity and talent.

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